Is Amy Winehouse part of “Forever 27 Club”?

Everyone wonders if there is an afterlife. No matter if you believe in this or not, when someone passes away, there is no coming back to this life, but hopefully, there is a better one somewhere else. The important thing is how we remember people because this is the measure of how they lived.

Club 27 participation

There is a list of celebrities that died at the age of 27, and it is called ‘’Club 27’’. Sadly, the number of famous people dying at this age is not small. Any celebrity who died at this age could be in this Club, but we mainly talk about musicians.

In 2011 Amy was included in the Club after her death caused by alcohol poisoning. She was one in a million of her kind. Amy has her taste for music, and she used a mixture of genres to create her own. She was this role model that the new generation was waiting for and needed to take their path in the music business.

Who and why?

It is no secret that when celebrities get famous at such an early stage of their life, it is tough for them to avoid all the bad habits in the business. The same happened to Amy – she was so young and already very popular. She won 5 Grammies in one night and was made part of the Guinness Book of World Records. The media was following Amy on every step, and she couldn’t take the pressure. It is a common thing among young artists. They dream about fame and glory, but when they achieve it, they cannot manage the attention.

Many celebrities are not only addicted to alcohol and drugs but also to love. Love is the power and the key to a healthy and fulfilled life. Amy also seemed to be a love addict having in mind she always had a lover next to her. After the breakup with Blake, she dated Reg Traviss, but they fought one month before she died. There are rumors that she got depressed again because of which she drunk so much the day she passed away.

Other musicians to be part of the Club 27 for the same reason as Amy are Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kurt Cobain. Along with Amy, these were all painted on a graffiti mural by Kis-Lev, which became a very famous street art in Israel and Florentin. It also took part in many art tours in Tel Aviv. There are different comments about the Club and the mural. Some people oppose it, but others accepted it as a gesture of love and appreciation for the work and talent of these musicians.

Lessons learned

After all, what is important is what remains. Great artists forever leave their footprint to be used for good by the generation. There are always setbacks and comebacks in life. All that is left for the fans is to learn from all this and love their close ones.