Amy Winehouse – Tabloids

Amy was an easy victim for tabloids because of her continuing self-harm. Most of the tabloids for Amy are related to her additions – what kind of substances she smokes, how much she drinks, who she loved and cannot live without him etc. Eating disorder, drugs, and alcohol abuse Amy’s suffering from eating disorders, and […]

Is Amy Winehouse part of “Forever 27 Club”?

Everyone wonders if there is an afterlife. No matter if you believe in this or not, when someone passes away, there is no coming back to this life, but hopefully, there is a better one somewhere else. The important thing is how we remember people because this is the measure of how they lived. Club […]

Amy Winehouse – Marriage

Destructive Relationship Amy married Blake Fielder-Civil in Miami Beach, Florida, on 18 May 2007. Her life with Blake served as a muse for her songwriting, and people say he also influenced the way she looks. There were concerns from their family that they will hurt one another or commit suicide. A year and two months […]

Amy Winehouse – Legacy

Amy Winehouse’s dedication to being a singer and songwriter climbed the charts of success and glory. With her bestselling album, she made a statement to the public saying, ‘’I am here, and this is my music”. She did not enslave fashion and status in the music arts and public world. Amy was doing everything naturally […]

Amy Winehouse – Charity and Activism

Amy Winehouse was not only a great talent focused on music, but she was also involved in charity organizations for disadvantaged children. After Amy’s death, her family continued her charity work and also created the Amy Winehouse Foundation on 14th September 2011 when Amy would have turned 28. The whole family’s dedication to the foundation […]

Amy Winehouse – Biography

Personal Life At the age of 10, Amy Winehouse was part of the rap group ‘Sweet ‘n Sour.’ At 12, she studied in the Sylvia Young Theatre School but was soon expelled. Amy used to be around musicians in her family and entered the music business early. At 16, a friend of hers sent her […]

Amy Winehouse – Albums

Amy Winehouse had only two albums in her short career, but people still sing her songs and even cover some of them. Frank Her debut album ‘’Frank’’ is full of Jazz, R&B, soul, and hip hop sounds. It became triple platinum. It was 57th on The Guardian’s 100 Best Albums of the 21st Century. Her […]

Amy Winehouse – Afterlife

If we are to compare Amy Winehouse with another musician, we cannot. There is no one like her. For instance, some of the most famous performers like Beyoncé, Adele, Taylor Swift look likea they are in full control while Amy is a chaotic person with negligent behavior. Amy’s interpreters: Other musicians covered five of Amy’s […]

Amy Winehouse – Personality

Nowadays there are so many different artists – different but at the same time, alike. Only a few of those really deserve the fame, awards and the love of the fans. Those are the ones that are popular worldwide; everyone knows their names and feels something special when they perform.  Such an artist is Amy […]