Amy Winehouse – Tabloids

Amy was an easy victim for tabloids because of her continuing self-harm.

Most of the tabloids for Amy are related to her additions – what kind of substances she smokes, how much she drinks, who she loved and cannot live without him etc.

Eating disorder, drugs, and alcohol abuse

Amy’s suffering from eating disorders, and issues with drugs, alcohol, and love were mentioned constantly in the media. Since she started having problems, Amy was more and more in the newspapers and less on stage because she couldn’t stand up and perform for her fans.

With Amy losing so much weight, she had a lot of seizures and collapsed many times.

There were so many sensational stories about her boyfriend, her lover, and her failed performances on stage or unsuccessful tours. Most of the stories are about her irrational life with Blake – her husband. Pictures of them walking around drunk and smoking cigarettes or showing their scars all over their bodies were released in public.

After Amy’s death, a lot of interviews with Blake revealed statements about their relationship. He shared his opinion that Amy’s death was a suicide because she was left alone to drink more than she could handle while her family was celebrating their divorce. A lot of newspapers revealed Blake’s stories about her coming to visit him and still calling him after their split.

The story about Amy refusing to go to a rehab sold to the crowd as warm bread. Especially after she wrote a song about how she feels about it. The newspapers sold the most copies whenever Amy was on the front page.

Some of the stories in the newspapers cover the dream Amy had for having a baby of her own. Everyone close to her genuinely believed that if she happened to have a baby, it would have changed the ending. Even though the media wrote mostly about Amy’s marriage, divorce, secret pregnancy, mental illness, paparazzi problems, and death, there was still some news about her exceptional talent, unforgettable music, professional achievements, and charity acts.

The documentary film turned it out to the bright side

With the documentary movie, Asif Kapadia tried to shed some light on the bright side of Amy’s life and to cross off this face that tabloids kept on showing us to highlight her wrong side. In the film, he reveals the period of Amy’s life when she was dreaming about being famous but was not famous yet. He explained the time before Amy entered in this endless black hall of disorientation.

This film emphasizes the bad influence the media had over Amy’s life. She experienced so much pressure by being exposed in public, but nobody cared. After all, in the end, after the movie premiere, the media wrote about it too and changed the focus from Amy’s bad habits again to her kind heart, excellent soul voice, and jazz music.

In general, we can say it is easier to point fingers and laugh at the weakness but a lot harder to admire the uniqueness of people.