Amy Winehouse – Personality

Nowadays there are so many different artists – different but at the same time, alike.

Only a few of those really deserve the fame, awards and the love of the fans. Those are the ones that are popular worldwide; everyone knows their names and feels something special when they perform.  Such an artist is Amy Winehouse.

There is something special and intense you could feel when she is on stage. There is emotion, there is drama. There is also something personal and hidden, which only she could understand even though whoever is watching and listening to her could also feel it. This makes you want to watch her again and again and keep on trying to get into her mind and soul.

We feel like she is an introvert. This is not a common thing among artists. This also makes Amy different. She doesn’t get close to the audience but we still go to her concerts because her music makes people dive deep into their own emotions.

Amy Winehouse’s talent was undeniable

Her talent and achievements are so amazing – five Grammies in one night, Guinness records, platinum albums! She will be remembered for decades not only with her music and songs. We will remind ourselves of her personality and life as a great example that fame is not easy to take. Fame is not for everybody. We think that it is easy to be famous and rich, but you are always on camera, been watched and followed every day – you and your closest ones. Every human being wants their privacy and I believe this is something she couldn’t take. Amy could only express herself and what she stands for through her music. She always talks about how she is focusing on the positive things and never said anything bad about the media in her interviews, but Amy actually didn’t want to talk about it at all, because she couldn’t cope with it. She never reveals her true feelings.


Life is all about love

We can learn from Amy’s mistakes. The way she lived her life proves that the most important thing is for you to be surrounded by your friends and family. The people who love you and support you. They are the ones who will always do the best they can to help you live a better life. If you don’t have this, you actually have nothing. Nothing is worth more than that.

Unfortunately, Amy wasn’t lucky enough to have both- the love of her family and the love of her fans. She wanted to give and take love mostly to her family first so that she can give her love to her audience.

Top priority in life

We all should be mainly concerned about our health. Amy used drugs and alcohol trying to avoid her feelings and this caused her pain. If we are not physically and mentally healthy, nothing will work the way we want it to. Amy was conscious about making other people happy. She cared about other people’s feelings but forgot that the most important person is herself.