Amy Winehouse – Marriage

Destructive Relationship

Amy married Blake Fielder-Civil in Miami Beach, Florida, on 18 May 2007. Her life with Blake served as a muse for her songwriting, and people say he also influenced the way she looks.

There were concerns from their family that they will hurt one another or commit suicide. A year and two months after their marriage, Blake went to prison for seven months for a pub fight.

One month before Blake came out of prison, Amy admitted to being in love again with the actor Josh Bowman. However, two months later, she shared with the public that she still loves Blake and will not give him a divorce.

Amy’s family assumed that the drug problems appeared after Amy’s grandmother died, but Blake admitted he introduced Amy to drugs. Together with Blake, Amy got arrested for possession of cannabis.

Amy was so in love with Blake that she would even fight with her fans for him. She hit a fan in the face once, for accusing her of not divorcing Blake. Amy had a couple of more cases of violence and offenses against people and was arrested three times for misdemeanor.

She wrote ‘’I love Blake’’ on her stomach and made a tattoo with his name next to her heart. Blake also made a tattoo with Amy’s name behind his ear.

Divorced but still in love

Amy and Blake divorced in August 2009 due to Amy’s adultery with Josh Bowman. Blake shared in an interview that he divorced her as per her father’s will, and after an agreement with Amy, he says he let her go for her own good.

However, even after the divorce and Amy’s death, everyone says they still loved one another and will never stop loving each other. Blake’s girlfriend Sarah Aspin confirmed in an interview that she knows he still loves Amy.

During the Grammy awards show, Amy thanked her parents but also Blake because it was no secret that she made the whole album ‘’Back to Black” because of him.

Amy and Blake both used drugs, and everybody blamed Blake for Amy’s death. Blake admitted that he shouldn’t have taken drugs in front of her, so she doesn’t get curious to try it herself. But he also shared that for all the years they were together they took drugs for only 4 months. After he went to jail everything went much worse for Amy.

The relationship between Amy and Blake was not romantic, but as per Amy’s own words, she came up with something good out of something terrible that happened to her. Amy wrote these great songs about their break up because she could only write about things that happened to her personally. Amy didn’t hide any of her feelings. She exposed them in her music with her second album. She wrote about her life with and after Blake. It was a true story and hence, her fans can feel her and her sadness.