Amy Winehouse – Legacy

Amy Winehouse’s dedication to being a singer and songwriter climbed the charts of success and glory. With her bestselling album, she made a statement to the public saying, ‘’I am here, and this is my music”. She did not enslave fashion and status in the music arts and public world. Amy was doing everything naturally and in her own way. She put her signature on the growth of modern pop music and influenced the development of young artists by encouraging them to use their voice.

Personal style

Everyone in the music business knows that someone like Amy is to come on stage every 50 years. Not so often, right? Her style was different; she aimed to look different from the fashion back then. She was an original, and she naturally looked iconic. Soon after she exposed her manner on stage, many girls followed her example of dressing and behaving. Amy will be remembered as a star because she left her fashion and music to the public use for decades to follow it and enjoy it.

Speak from the heart

Amy always worked to create music that will connect with people emotionally. She says the most when she is singing, not when taking during interviews or radio. Music is the power that Amy used to get heard by people. We can feel her closer while listening to her songs because she wrote about her personal life, and this is why she gets emotional every time she performs.

Amy’s music can touch everybody’s heart. She was internationally popular but never realized how unique she is. For Amy, success was to have the albums she dreamed of and sing songs for people to hear them with their hearts. She was not amazed by all the awards she was honored to win.

For Amy, if she performs and she has a love of her family, she has it all. This was her greatest success.

A living legend

We are led by Amy’s good and bad examples of living her life. She got to the top so quickly but then tragically fell to the bottom. Everybody hoped that she would put herself together and cope with her mental problems, but this didn’t happen, and she stayed for too short on stage. Still, Amy left for all of us her music style, great songs, honesty, and dreams for the best.

She sang the songs with her heart and soul, and with her unique voice, she left important messages for all of us. Amy changed the values in the music business by turning back the importance mainly to the sound. Amy helped the artists after her to express and to have a chance with their careers using their voice and lyrics, not their look. An example of a great musician that was happy to be recognized because of her voice is Adele. Now she is the best selling international artist in the world.

Amy’s talent was a rarity, her voice – emotional, and her music was her legacy.