Amy Winehouse – Charity and Activism

Amy Winehouse was not only a great talent focused on music, but she was also involved in charity organizations for disadvantaged children.

After Amy’s death, her family continued her charity work and also created the Amy Winehouse Foundation on 14th September 2011 when Amy would have turned 28. The whole family’s dedication to the foundation is excellent. Amy’s brother – Alex gave up his career as a music journalist, and his primary job became working for the foundation.

Amy’s Place

Amy Winehouse Foundation helps young women overcome drug and alcohol addiction. It aims to keep them informed about the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. On the website of the foundation, there are a lot of real stories where young people share their experiences with harmful substances.

Amy’s foundation works with other ones similar to it to help these women. The volunteers working in the foundation have gone through issues with drugs, alcohol, and self-harm, which makes it easier for them to connect with the patients to complete their treatment successfully. The main goal is to change the path these young people will take after going through physical and emotional health problems.

Foundations like Amy’s encourage young people to change their lives, to start exercising, making art, meet with friends and many other useful activities. Volunteers from the foundation do lectures in schools and colleagues, so their message can reach out to these young people at an age when they are most vulnerable.

Amy’s foundation is located in London, and up to 16 women could take the chance to find a temporary home there. The foundation is not only providing a home but an opportunity for education and work to volunteers.

Music therapy for children

The foundation established a children’s hospice in Woodford. There is a music room where therapists help children with physical or communication difficulties. The whole music experience help children socialize but also engage their parents to spend quality time with them.

Specialists encourage children to sing their favorite songs, which is a way to communicate with others. The music room helps children with their motivation and independence. Afterward, the development of these skills helps children in school with lessons and games with their peers.

Music projects outside the UK

Another project, part of Amy’s activism, is ‘’Amy’s Gift to St Lucia’’. Since 2014 it has been supporting the Dunnottar School for children with special needs. The foundation covers the costs of music instruments and music teachers. Around 90 students have the chance to benefit from the music sessions.

Another supportive project for children is the South Starz Academy – Jamaica, starting again in 2014 for music equipment and music teacher. Three hundred students go to the music sessions and develop their talent.

The profit from Amy’s duet with Tony Bennett ‘’Body and Soul” went to Amy Winehouse’s foundation. Besides, there is a plan to shoot a biographic movie for Amy in 2019. The intention is the money from this film to go to the foundation.