Amy Winehouse – Albums

Amy Winehouse had only two albums in her short career, but people still sing her songs and even cover some of them.


Her debut album ‘’Frank’’ is full of Jazz, R&B, soul, and hip hop sounds. It became triple platinum. It was 57th on The Guardian’s 100 Best Albums of the 21st Century.

Her first single, “Stronger Than Me,” R&B record written by herself, won an Ivor Novello Award. She shot a video of the song where she acts very naturally as if this has happened to her in real-life – experience with a drunk boyfriend.

Next single – “Take the Box” in a soul and jazz genre– the best selling one from the album. Again, written by Amy and revealing her experience of the breakup.

“You Sent Me Flying” – released with “In My Bed” as its A-side, is another single off the album. It ranked as number 60 on the UK Singles Chart. Amy shot a video for ‘’In My Bed’’ in a hotel where she commits infidelity.

“Fuck Me Pumps’’ is the fourth single from Amy’s first album. The video shoot happens on the street where Amy sings on a microphone and wears high bare heels.

Back to Black

This is the second and last album in pop and soul genre, dedicated to all the feelings she went through around her separation with her boyfriend, Blake. In these songs, you will feel pain, heart-breaking, and guilt.

“Rehab” – Amy’s autobiographical soul and rhythm & blues song. She wrote the song with her refusal to go to a psychotherapeutic clinic. ”Rehab” is the lead single from the album and reached number 9 in the United States on the Billboard Hot 100. This single brought Amy international success and three Grammy Awards.

“You Know I’m No Good” – the second single from the album featuring Ghostface Killah used as a track for the video game Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party and in the TV dramas Mad Men and Secret Diary of a Call Girl. It ranked in the second place of The Best Songs of 2007 by Entertainment Weekly magazine.

“Back to Black” – the third single from Amy’s last album. This song honestly shares her dramatic break up with Blake. Video shoot represents her funeral of an inside. The song was a soundtrack of The Great Gatsby.

“Tears Dry on Their Own” is Amy’s fourth single written in a pop and soul genre. The video reveals some real-life habits of Amy – alcohol, and smoking.

“Love Is a Losing Game” – the fifth soul single from Amy’s last album. Again reminds of her personal life and past relationship with Blake.

Amy‘s last song was the great jazz and pop duet with Tony Bennett – a cover of ‘’Body and Soul”. This excellent performance was awarded a Grammy for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category in 2012.

The album Back to Black influenced musicians of all times and gave the scene to Adele, Duffy, Estelle, and overall put Amy’s signature on the British soul music.