Amy Winehouse – Afterlife

If we are to compare Amy Winehouse with another musician, we cannot. There is no one like her. For instance, some of the most famous performers like Beyoncé, Adele, Taylor Swift look likea they are in full control while Amy is a chaotic person with negligent behavior.

Amy’s interpreters:

Other musicians covered five of Amy’s songs after her death:

‘’You Know I’m No Good ‘’by Arctic Monkeys

‘’Back to Black’’ by Elbow

‘’Just Friends’’ by Saint Etienne

‘’Love Is A Losing Game’’ by James Morrison

‘’Rehab’’ by Glee

Unforgettable Amy

Even now, eight years after her death, Amy’s songs are still considered to be one of the best of all times.

There were many people to honor Amy after her death – family, friends, and fans. The world learned more about her from the unrevealed interviews and facts from her closest people.

Amy’s father shared in an interview that Amy’s spirit visits him from time to time as a ghost or in the shape of a bird looking precisely like the tattoo she had. He also created a memorial for her in Camden Town in 2014.

Amy’s family created the Amy Winehouse Foundation for supporting young women suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. It also helps children with communication issues or physical disorders socialize.

Movies made about Amy

Many directors shared interest to make a documentary for her aiming to reveal details about the truth in her life – dramatic, triumphant, tragic. The British director Asif Kapadia made a documentary about Amy in 2015, showing moments from her personal and professional life. Its debut was in New York and Los Angeles. Amy’s label – Universal, commissioned the film.

Some people liked the film and others like some of Amy’s friends were not happy with the film appearing so early after her death. Amy’s family was also not excited about the movie but believed that it is not showing the real Amy with her brightness, kindness, and uniqueness. Amy’s father, Mitch, didn’t agree with his presence in the movie too because he appears as a figure that drew Amy to drugs and alcohol.

The film won a Grammy for Best Music Film and the award for Best European Documentary.

Another movie made about Amy is ”Amy Winehouse: Back to Black” in 2018, directed by Jeremy Marre.

Another biographic movie is on the pipeline to be shot about Amy Winehouse in 2019, produced by Monumental Pictures. This time, with her family approval and participation. The family shares that now they finally feel ready for this and trust the producers to capture the essential parts of Amy’s life as well as the message left for generations. The profit from that movie will go to Amy’s Foundation.

There were many things we didn’t know about Amy because the media was only talking about her health issues. The films made about her life are a bit helpful to get closer to Amy’s personality. We will remember her as the only jazz-soul icon, but also she was a funny and caring person as well as the most charitable artist.