Amy Winehouse – Influence

No matter what people do or say, somehow, they influence others. Amy Winehouse revealed many times that she is affected by Sarah Vaughan, Otis Redding, Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, and Dinah Washington. She used to listen to various types of music throughout the years. There was jazz, rap, pop, R&B, reggae. She just loved music.

The package of a star

Amy knew that to shine in this business, she had to be different. Her soul vocals were a gift from above. We can tell when she sings even if we are not watching. The rest is a vision of how she must present herself on stage. Amy’s strategy was indeed to influence people. She had a style. We can still see young girls dress like her; others will put the same makeup or even dance like her.

We can say she was not pretending to be anyone else but still the way she revealed her honesty was special. Never went in too many details, answered directly, and with few words. Maybe she always wanted to keep something to herself.

Her behavior on camera, her attitude about music, all she was and all she did was unique. Most probably, her experience as a journalist helped in her career and branded the whole package of a star.

True inspiration

The new generation in their 20s was influenced by the way she talks, the way she moves, but also the way she sings. We can say she inspired musicians like Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga, Adele, Bruno Mars, Jessie J, and Emeli Sandé. They say there was something intimate and honest about her performance. There is no need for too many moves on stage to show how you feel. Amy’s voice is not to be compared to anyone else’s, and she used it in her own way. The reaction of her fans proves that she is using it in the best way possible.

Amy was a creative artist. She was challenging the music itself by mixing different sounds like jazz, hip hop, and reggae. Her experiments encouraged others to try the same and enjoy the result, which sometimes can even amaze them.


Amy helped other female musicians get the confidence required to be a star and believe that they can succeed and climb the charts. She proved female artists that they can achieve their goals alone, not necessarily by being part of a group. Her appearance and achievements were a breakthrough during that time when musical business was full of boy and girl-bands. She was part of a group herself but managed to rise as a star, as a single artist, so she was an excellent example for all female singers that this is possible.

Even after Amy’s death, her influence is still in the air, and we find parts of her in artists like Estelle, Alessia Cara, Lily Allen, and Quadron.

It is a rare case – to face such an enormous talent that cannot be overshadowed by anything. We remember the great songs and the way she made us feel.